Frosch for Recylcates

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Frosch for Recylcates

Recycling is a very good thing, but we don't recycle as much as we could.  The Recyclate Initiative wants to change that.

At Frosch we have been producing cleaning products with an environmental conscience since 1986.  We take our environmental responsibility seriously and continue to improve the cleaning ability and environmental credentials of our products.

Today, all our packaging is 100% recycled.  We have created a network to recover waste plastic before it becomes landfill and developed technology to use that waste plastic to make entirely recycled bottles for our products.

CLICK HERE to see our range of cleaning, dishwashing and laundry products - all with 100% recycled packaging. 

Frosch and our partners very proud to launch a new website supporting our Recyclate Initiative, where anyone who wants to contribute knowledge or experience is invited to join in.

To find out more, visit


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