Is your garden prepared for the winter?

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Is your garden prepared for the winter?

Autumn is a busy time in the garden.  Now is the time to put the garden to bed for the winter so that it can flourish again next year.

We have listed a few tips to help out around the garden using our ever-popular Frosch Vinegar Cleaner.


Greenhouse Cleaning

Many gardeners recommend an early spring clean, when over wintering pests can be got rid of. But doing an autumn clean ensures that the greenhouse will be ready to start early seedlings in January/February.

Cleaning greenhouses – whether glass or plastic  is essential to prevent parasites from taking hold, removing algae, mildew, moss and grime.

Vinegar kills bacteria and germs.  Vinegar also kills 82% of mould species.

Fill a spray bottle with Frosch Vinegar Cleaner and wipe down all panels, both inside and outside. Use a brush to make sure that the vinegar cleaner gets into all the joints and crevices and dislodge the algae and any other debris.

Leave to dry and there is no need to rinse.


Bird Baths

Bird baths should be cleaned about twice a week, but this is particularly important now through autumn and winter in order to prevent the build up of mildew and algae.

Mix 1 part Frosch Vinegar Cleaner with 4 parts water.  Fill the bird bath and let it sit for 15 minutes.  Take a brush and scrub the bottom and sides to get rid of any debris.  Rinse before filling the bath with fresh water.


Clay Pots

Clay pots have absorbed calcium, salts and minerals from water and soil, and now look unsightly. Mix 1 part Frosh Vinegar Cleaner with 2 parts cold water. Soak pots for 1 hour in this solution. The vinegar will remove the residue and also acts as a pesticide – killing off any parasites and eggs.


Garden Furniture

  • Cane and wicker: make a solution of 1 part Frosch Vinegar Cleaner with 2 parts hot water and sponge down the furniture.  Use a soft brush to get the cleaner in-between the
    • Plastic: spray the furniture with full strength Frosch Vinegar Cleaner and wipe.  Do not rinse and allow to dry.


    Paving and Brickwork

    Calcium build-up on bricks and paving can be removed with Frosch Vinegar Cleaner.  Fill spray bottle with equal parts of Vinegar Clean and water. Spray affected areas and leave to dry.


    Garden Tools

    Wipe all garden tools – including the blades of the lawnmower – with Frosch Vinegar Cleaner.  No need to dilute.  This will remove any rust and and prevent the growth of any parasites.


    Children's Play Equipment

    Wipe down the children's swings, slides and any other outdoor play equipment.  Use the Frosh Vinegar Cleaner without dilution.  Do not rinse and allow to dry.  This will kill off any bacteria or parasites and inhibit growth of mildew or mould over the winter.


    We hope that Frosch helps with your autumn garden chores and that you enjoy the fresh autumn weather.


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