Never tested on animals

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Never tested on animals

We are often asked about our commitment to animal welfare.  It is a cause close to our hearts. 

Frosch products have never, are not and never will be tested on animals.

That is our position from the very beginning of Frosch in 1986 - and we live by it.  We go to great lengths to ensure that we hold true to that philosophy.  

Frosch products are vegan, containing no ingredients of animal origin.  We do not use animal-based ingredients in our products and we ensure that our company assigns no contracts to third parties involved in animal testing.

In May 1998 the German government introduced into the Animal Welfare Act the prohibition of animal testing in the development of tobacco products, detergents and colour cosmetics.  It was a big step forward for a government at the time. 

Since then, however, we have had more challenges to navigate.  The EU dictates that raw materials that are used in washing and cleaning agents must be secure and safe for human health and the environment.  That means that manufacturers developing raw materials are required to test certain commodities to be in-line with EU-regulation (REACH).

Since sustainability and environmental compatibility are very important to us, we do everything to avoid sourcing ingredients for our products that have involved animal testing.  For this reason, we are very careful in our selection of raw materials and consciously focus on proven and well-established ingredients.  We make sure that we use in our products only raw materials where their effect on humans and wildlife is already well known and so far do not have to be tested on animals.

We don't just stop there.  Not only does our Recyclate Initiative reduce the amount of plastic that goes to waste or could potentially end up in the environment, Frosch have a long association supporting a number of causes close to our philosophy.  Two in particular include the World Wildlife Fund and NABU (German organization).

That is why the Frosch name, since its inception over 30 years ago, is only found on products that have never been tested on animals.

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