Operation National Sword and the international recycling market

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Operation National Sword and the international recycling market

Singing dustbins in Taipei and China's development of their recycling policy


If you are a regular listener to podcasts then the eclectic and insightful 99% Invisible podcast is well worth your time.  They have engaging and entertaining pieces on those things hiding in plain site. 

This episode turns its attention to recycling and has articles on the international trade in recycling waste, China's Operation National Sword recycling policy and Taiwan's clever approach to turn around their waste management processes and achieve a 50% recycling rate.  It has an American focus, but we would highly recommend a listen.

Also, as referenced by them, take a look at the Plastic China documentary official site.  Sobering content for something that is usually hidden from view in our day-to-day lives.

The Financial Times also have a good piece on Why the world's recycling system stopped working.

We hope that you enjoy the content and that it gives Frosch supporters more of an insight into the challenges in recycling and product design.

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And if you wondered, in the UK you can buy cakes of toothpaste in far more recycling-friendly packaging than the standard tube. 


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