Footprints to your doorstep

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Footprints to your doorstep

It is not enough to gather our resources and produce our products in as ecologically sustainable way as we can.  We also look for the best ways to ship to our customers.


We've recently made changes to how we ship and we would like to outline to our customers the efforts we make in delivering ecological cleaning to your door.

We choose couriers with regular business in your area and a commitment to reducing carbon emissions and off-setting their carbon footprint.

There are numerous studies on the effect of internet shopping home deliveries on the environment and traffic.  The affects appear to be positive, even in rural areas, reducing the number of vehicle trips overall.  That is, of course, only if the time saved from ordering online rather than driving to the supermarket isn't used creating pollution in other ways.  Perhaps using home delivery for heavy goods in bulk while making trips to local stores on foot or by bike for regular items and lighter goods is a fairly optimum combination for reducing footprint on the "final mile."

We are always looking for the greenest solution for packaging our bottles.  We take a similar approach to wrapping our parcels, using cardboard and brown paper to pack products for courier shipments.  

If you do receive products wrapped in bubble-wrap it is only because we have reused bubblewrap that we have received from other shipments to us.  Reusing this material is less wasteful than disposing of it and wrapping our products in fresh recyclable paper.

We urge you to reuse the packaging material for parcels that you may send in the future or sharing them with friends who are likely to use them - perhaps someone soon to be moving home.

All cardboard and paper that we pack with is, of course, reusable and recyclable.


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