Lavender Senses Home Perfume

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Frosch Lavender Senses Home Perfume brings a fresh lavender fragrance to your home, using natural oils for a sensual and inspiring atmosphere.

More about this product

  • Based on centuries-old knowledge of aromatherapy.

  • The lavender natural oils bring a relaxing and balancing atmosphere into your home or workplace.

  • Vegan. 

How to use this product

  • Simply remove the natural cork plug from the bottle and insert the included rattan sticks, which dispense the scent into the room.
  • Select the intensity of the fragrance: the more sticks that are placed into the flacon, the stronger the scent.


Fragrances, natural oils.


Please be aware: our bottle stoppers are made only from natural cork, which is slightly porous.  We pack everything very carefully, but you may notice that when your parcel arrives there may have been some dissipation of the fragrance oils.